Cypresses, a popular hedgeplant

Cypresses are a popular hedgeplant in Europe. They are mostly used in gardens and parks as a ornamental plant. Cypresses can grow to a height of 10 meters.

Cypresses are evergreen trees or shrubs with small, scale-like leaves. The leaves are arranged in spirals or whorls of 3-6. The male cones are small and spherical, while the female cones are larger and oval-shaped. Both types of cones mature in autumn and release their seeds in winter.

Cypresses are fast-growing plants that prefer full sun and well-drained soil. They are drought-tolerant and can withstand heavy pruning. Cypresses are generally low-maintenance plants that are resistant to pests and diseases.

How to plant

First of all you need to water the plant deeply in their clod. Then you choose a suitable planting location for your plants. As said, full sun would be preferable but they can also grow in partial shade. Next, it is important to remove grass and other weeds in the area to eliminate competition for water and nutrients in the soil.

Use a spade to make a hole that is twice as wide and just as deep as the plant’s clod. Carefully loosen the roots of the plant before placing it in the hole. Gently backfill the hole with soil, taking care not to bury the stem of the plant. Water deeply to settle the soil around the roots.

Tip: The cypresses can be planted throughout the year, however, the best time for planting is in late autumn or winter provided the ground is not waterlogged. Since the hedge is frost resistance it can grow in cool weather. 


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