Monstera Deliciosa (hole plant)

Monstera Deliciosa is a beautiful plant with which you can bring the tropics into your home. In addition, it is an air-purifying plant and it is very easy to keep. Not convinced yet? Then read on about this beautiful and practical plant!

The size of Monstera ranges from table size to huge houseplant that can serve as a room divider! The leaves of Monstera are young, they are heart-shaped. Later they get characteristic incisions. It is therefore also called a hole plant. The incised leaves help the plant to survive in the rainforest: the leaves break less quickly in strong winds or heavy rain.

The plant is a climber/pendant. It grows best if you give it a little guidance (moss stick, climbing rope) in the direction you want it to go. What is special about Monstera is that in nature it always grows to the darkest side. Because that’s probably where the largest tree trunk is, and that’s where the plant can climb up and catch good light. Monstera is an air-purifying plant, which makes it ideal for the bedroom, for example. Gold Palm and Areca are also air-purifying plants!

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