Houseplants in winter: With these 5 tips you keep them healthy

Temperatures are dropping and days are getting shorter: Winter is approaching. This means that the heating or stove turns on again and we get less sunlight into the house. The cold, dry air from the central heating is not very pleasant for your plants. That is why we are happy to help you with a number of tips to keep your plants beautiful during the colder months. This way you can take care of your houseplants in the winter!

1. Turn down your heating
Do you want to take good care of your house plants in the winter? Then turn the heating down a bit. Plants do not like the dry air from heating. Is it 25 degrees in your house in winter? Then your plants will evaporate more water than plants with someone where it is 18 degrees in the house. So turn your heating down a bit and put on a warm sweater. This is not only better for your plants, but also for your wallet. Energy prices are continuing to rise, so you can save a lot of money by heating less.

Do you think 18 degrees is really too cold? Check out these tips to keep it comfortably warm in the house without heating. Also, don’t forget to water your plants more often if you do turn up the heating.

2. Don’t make it too cold either
A house that is too cold is of course not pleasant for you, but it will not help your house plants in the winter either. Many houseplants do not survive temperatures below 10 degrees. And that is of course very cold for you. So look at how you can keep the heat in your home without using extra heating. Insulation is the first step: replace single glazing with double glazing or HR glass, have your cavity walls, facade, roof and floor insulated and seal seams and cracks.

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