What is a hedge?

A hedge is a bush or a plant with which you create a separation in the garden. It is mostly used for screening and privacy reasons.

How to plant a hedge

  1. Remove all weeds to prepare the planting area
  2. Make a hole about two times deeper than the height of the clod
  3. Make sure the soil is well loosened
  4. Spread and mix some compost in the soil
  5. Place the hedging plants upright in the soil
  6. Fill up with the soil and compost mixture
  7. Water the plant very well


When the hedging plants is growing well, you should trim the branches back to the wood so that the growth of new branches is stimulated. When winter comes, trim it back to wood strong shoots. The hedges should be trimmed regularly, but do not trim old wood, as the branches can then become bare. Trim the border hedges at an angle to make them bushy and thick.


We would recommend to plant 2 to 3 hedge plants per meter.

Tips, care and advise

To provide the hedging plants with extra nutrients, it is important to occasionally add compost to the hedge. This will help the roots to penetrate the soil easily and quickly. We recommend to apply a layer of mulch to reduce loss of water trough evaporation and it prevents weed growth.

The hedges require little maintenance:

  • Water the plants well, especially during hot summer
  • Remove the dead wood and weeds in late fall and replace the mulch around the hedge if necessary
  • Feed the hedge with an all-purpose fertilizer to give the hedge a growth boost

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